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MegaTEXTS Philippines, Inc held its 14th Davao Online and Information Seminar last 28 to 29 February 2024 at Acacia Hotel, Davao City with the theme “Library Solutions that Connect, Engage, and Evolve”.

The objectives of the event were:

  • To equip librarians with adequate skills and techniques on how to market Library e-resources;
  • To assist in the self-improvement of librarians through interpersonal skills; and
  • To provide research support and information services to their faculty and thesis students through subscribed databases, books, and journals and the use of citation tools.

The annual event served as a gesture of gratitude towards librarians situated in the Visayas and Mindanao regions, acknowledging and appreciating their steadfast support of MegaTEXTS over the years. Simultaneously, this gathering provided a platform for key publishing partners to showcase and engage in discussions about their latest digital products with the attending librarians. The event not only celebrated the partnership between MegaTEXTS and the librarian community but also facilitated a dynamic exchange of information, enabling librarians to stay abreast of cutting-edge digital offerings from prominent publishing partners.

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Mr Rule P Redondo, the Director of XU Libraries, participated enthusiastically in the event as one of the distinguished resource speakers. His presentation focused on the topic "Showcasing Successful E-Resources Marketing Initiatives Already Implemented,”. Accompanying him were Ms Jo Ybanez, Ms Leonita Sumalinog, Mr Francisco Umaran and Ms Eloiza Tagarda

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On the culminating day of the event on 29 February, XU Libraries stood out as one of the honored recipients of the Award of Appreciation Plaque. This recognition underscored XU Libraries' esteemed position as a valuable and unwavering partner to the Wiley Online Books – Consortium of the Academic Libraries Book Acquisition System Association, Inc (ALBASA). The accolade served as a testament to XU Libraries' dedication and significant contributions to fostering collaborative efforts within the academic library community, particularly in the realm of online book acquisition. This acknowledgment further solidified XU Libraries' role as a cornerstone in the success and growth of academic library initiatives.

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MegaTEXTS Philippines stands as the forefront leader in the realm of holistic and integrated education solutions within the country. The unwavering commitment to shaping the future of education through top-quality content and comprehensive library solutions was vividly highlighted in the seminar. This gathering served not only as a platform for showcasing MegaTEXTS' dedication but also as a nexus for collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and recognition within the education community.

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The event underscored the holistic approach embraced by MegaTEXTS, addressing diverse facets of educational needs rather than focusing solely on individual aspects. The dynamic exchange of ideas and strategies during the event is poised to contribute significantly to the ongoing evolution of educational practices, ensuring a brighter and more innovative future for education in the country.