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Xavier Ateneo conducted its 2024 Convocation for Higher Education Faculty and Formators last 12 April 2024 at the XU Little Theatre, hosted by Dr Hobart P Savior, Director of the Xavier Center for Cultural Arts (XCCA). The event was organized by the Office of the Vice President for Higher Education under the leadership of Vice President for Higher Education Dr Juliet Q Dalagan.

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This year’s theme, “Quality Assurance: An Investment & Strengthened Commitment to Excellence that Shapes the Xavier Ateneo of the Future,” centered on PAASCU Accreditation and the ISO 201001:2018 certification. XU President Fr Mars P Tan SJ talked about the importance of excellence in education in his opening remarks, mentioning that excellence should be the hallmark of a Xavier Ateneo education.

“Excellence in education is never confined to a place or a particular situation, and that it is a lifelong commitment of a person and an institution… Excellence in education should shape our lives, the vision of the school, and societal progress. It transcends individual achievement; and it has the power to drive societal progress, and it promotes positive change.”

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As the keynote speaker for PAASCU Accreditation, Dr Dalagan explained that becoming a PAASCU-accredited institution is a Quality Assurance Mechanism. Being accredited means member schools will be supported in their journey towards quality improvement founded on the institution’s educational philosophy and its unique vision and mission. Moreover, PAASCU Accreditation is grounded on the fundamental principle that quality is primarily the school’s responsibility and that the external quality assurance initiative complements this. Finally, the accreditation engages the entire community and its stakeholders in a careful and thorough evaluation of its objectives, plans, programs, systems, resources, and results through self-survey and an external review done by peer educators.

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Mr Mario Alejandro Jacinto M Neri from the Strategy & Quality Management Office (SQMO), the keynote speaker on ISO 21001:2018, emphasized that quality assurance is about ensuring that there are mechanisms, procedures and processes in place to ensure that the desired quality, however defined and measured, is delivered---rather than specifying the standards of specifications against which to measure or control quality. Also, the pursuit of quality assurance is to imbibe a culture of continuous quality improvement (the internal QA system begins with the HEI’s identity and enters a quality cycle of planning, implementation, review, and enhancement).

The talks were followed by SQMO Director Engr Gerardo S Doroja’s presentation on How Accreditation Requirements relate to International Standards, and a presentation on the Activities and Accountabilities by Ms Russell E Raluto and Ms Juliet A Halibas of SQMO.

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Afterward, the audience was allowed to ask questions during the open forum. The convocation concluded with the recognition of HEd faculty with newly minted graduate degrees and Engr Doroja’s closing remarks.

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