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On March 12-14, 2014, XU-GLI gave a workshop for legislative staffs from all other Region X and the Caraga Region. This workshop aims to enhance the legislative capacity and effectiveness of the participants as to the procedural aspect as well as in the participatory extent of legislature in the municipal level. It aims to help the participants to get a more critical view of their functions. The training modules consisted of nine (9) modules covering the following topics: Introduction to Quality Local Legislation; Legislative Agenda Formulation; Parliamentary Procedures; Conducting Committee and Public Hearings and Making Quality Reports;  Conducting Committee Meetings and Making Quality Committee Reports; Key Functions of Legislation; Ordinance Making; Legislative Tracking System and Servant Leadership.

Upcoming Seminars and Trainings are Local Legislative Enhancement Course and Barangay Governance, for  the 3rd week of April and the month of May, 2014.