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By Marichu M Obedencio

Ateneo schools in the country have agreed to adopt, in whole or in part, the Healing Earth, a Jesuit environmental science e-textbook that calls attention to the most pressing environmental issues of our time, and fully integrates the perspectives of ethics, spirituality and action. The Ateneos came together during the Jesuit Higher Education Commission (JHEC) meeting in September.

At Xavier University, the presentation of the Healing Earth e-Science textbook was facilitated by the College of Arts and Sciences and attended by 25 faculty members from the departments of Biology, Chemistry, Religious Studies, Philosophy and English.

Dr Hilly Ann Roa-Quiaoit, XU vice-president for Research and Social Outreach and one of the e-book’s authors, hopes that the students will be able to view environmental science through the Ignatian lenses of ethics and spirituality, and be moved toward becoming responsible stewards of our ever-changing planet.

Over 90 scholars from Jesuit colleges and universities worldwide collaborated on the e-book, which took more than three years to complete. Quiaoit’s significant knowledge and contributions in environmental conservation can be read in the chapter on Biodiversity.

XU is excited about this new educational platform, which will help bolster the learning experience and research collaborations in the university.

The Healing Earth is accessible through its website and Facebook page.

[Screengrabbed photo from its website.]