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MINDANAO SPECIES. The "Mobile Museum Boxes” project comes to Xavier in the hopes of drawing more students to appreciate the rich diversity of Mindanao's flora and fauna. 

Xavier University hosted “The Mobile Museum Boxes” project from February 2 to 6 at the lobby of the Science Center with an emphasis on encouraging the students to study the diversity of Mindanao’s flora and fauna.

The traveling project focused on Mindanao’s natural history in its 10 displays of specimens of terrestrial plants, terrestrial animals, aquatic animals, and geology of Mindanao.

Among the attendees of the opening ceremony at XU were Dr Ayumi Terada, an assistant professor at the university museum of the University of Tokyo; Dr Luisito T Evangelista, curator of the Botany Division of the National Museum of the Philippines (NMP), XU academic vice-president Fr Rene Tacastacas SJ and XU Biology department head Dr Judy P Sendaydiego, students, faculty, staff and guests.

Launched in December 2015 in Manila, this project is supported by the Toyota Foundation in association with the NMP, Mindanao State University – Iligan Institute of Technology and University of Tokyo’s university museum.

Besides Terada's lectures on researching about the different species for academic purposes and on curating an exhibit for the public, Evangelista also showed to the students the ongoing renovations and upcoming displays at the National Museum.

BOXES OF KNOWLEDGE. Students explore the Mobile Museum Boxes on display at the lobby of XU Science Center.