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The poster-making contest, organized by the Senior High School Formation Program headed by Irish Bobadilla, formed part of the celebration of the Mission and Ministry Week 2017 with the theme “Misyon Marawi: Ako, Ikaw para sa Kalinaw” from September 8 to 16.  

The contest was aimed at developing and inculcating among the Xavier Ateneo senior high students the desire of bringing about just, inclusive, and lasting peace in Mindanao.

The posters made by the young students have depicted hope, love, and compassion which continue to flourish amid the Marawi crisis.

If we are to work toward peace and social justice, all sectors are highly encouraged to engage in the mission work.

Another way, the organizers said, is to continue an ongoing self-assessment and awareness of how we can affect others "to live in peace and genuinely honor and respect one another in the process."

Students need to understand that they have the opportunity to live by this ideal in concrete ways now.

Xavier Ateneo commiserates with those who sacrificed their lives for the country and the displaced families who lost their properties and homes because of the Marawi crisis.

As XU continues to reach out and facilitate the #XUTabangMarawi operations, the challenge remains: We have to continue to ponder about peace-building in this country and realize that it only takes a little to make a big difference.∎

Congratulations to the winners of the poster-making contest!