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Xavier Science Foundation, Inc. was established by the late Fr. William F. Masterson, SJ in his vision to develop Mindanao as a center for agricultural development. It has been around for almost 50 years, founded on September 13, 1968.

XSF is a legal, non-stock, non-profit, non-government organization established to support program and projects that address poverty alleviation and social empowerment. It works to support development programs as a conduit of funds, initiator of innovative programs and forum for dialogues.

For the past 50 years, XSF served various rural communities in Northern Mindanao by establishing scholarship programs capacitating young individuals in teaching and research, XSF was also being well-represented in the NGO sector through accreditations and memberships in network organizations, as well as the connections with government agencies, donors, religious organizations and the academe.

Looking forward to another 50 years, XSF hopes to direct its focus on goals that will benefit not just the communities in Mindanao, but rather on a global perspective.


            XSF supports development programs to alleviate hunger and poverty, serving as a financial conduit of funds, initiator of innovative programs and a forum for dialogues.


XSF envisions a hunger-free and globally competitive Mindanao, where peaceful, empowered and resilient communities thrive, living in harmony with nature in God’s service.

Strategic Goals

In the next 5 years (2020-2025), XSF will advance collaborative engagements among communities and institutions on resource governance towards inclusive and sustainable development in Mindanao and beyond.

  1. Enhanced capacities for marginalized communities

Enhanced capacities of Indigenous Peoples and local communities in Mindanao, especially women, children and the youth, in governing landscapes, managing their livelihood and consolidating their culture through training, provision of support services and knowledge generation.

  1. Strengthened partnerships on resource governance

Strengthened partnerships with academic institutions, civil society organizations, private institutions, government agencies and international development institutions in initiating collaborative actions and advocating policies towards a more participatory and inclusive development. 

  1. Bridging science and communities

This entails managing training programs, conducting research and bringing students to communities.

  1. Sustaining the Foundation

Delivered effective and efficient services to stakeholders through an optimal administrative protocols, financial management and sustainability and calibrated communication strategies to promote sustainable engagements. XSF wants to institutionalize, expand and develop for the next five (5) years.