Xavier Center for Culture and the Arts (XCCA) creates, delivers, strategizes, manages, and implements culture and arts programs (Filipino and Foreign, Classical and Contemporary) as part of the social outreach and formation framework of Xavier University.


  • Recognizes XU’s artistic potentials, as well as its cultural and historical heritages;
  • Develops and sustains artistic resources for XU and the community;
  • Provides alternative artistic enrichment activities aligned with the academic requirements of the university for avenues of holistic and interactive educational environment;
  • Crafts policies for the development of culture and the arts in the university;
  • Leads in attaining a sustainable eminence in culture and the arts complementary with other institutions and universities in Mindanao;
  • Forges partnerships, linkages and collaboration with local counterparts, patrons, national and international culture and the arts funding institutions and agencies.