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The XU Press, created in 2008, is the publishing arm of Xavier University. It aims for a robust and excellent publication in furtherance of the University’s vision to be a leading ASEAN University by 2033 and its mission of engaging in the “authentic search for truth,” “communication of knowledge and human values,” and “appreciation, preservation and enrichment of Filipino culture and heritage.”

The XU Press is mandated to promote the creation of knowledge and dissemination of scholarship through print and digital media in the academia and the society at large.

It publishes academic work, instructional materials and books addressing knowledge gaps in the curriculum, in Mindanao’s history, economy, political affairs, landscapes, demography, literature, art and culture.

In fulfilling its vision and mission, the Press will be guided by the following principles:

  1. uphold the quality of its flagship publication, Kinaadman, a refereed journal specializing in various aspects of life in the southern part of the Philippines;
  2. prioritize publication of high-impact books, those that address marginalized groups, relevant themes, and hidden issues through which we could have a better understanding of our region and our country at
  3. address publishing needs of researchers and writers through capacity-building programs and initiatives;
  4. increase visibility of scholarly works of Mindanaoan scholars and creative writers through publication, promotion and networking;
  5. connect authors and readers through launching, book fair, lectures, and social media initiatives;
  6. seek funds and operate in a financially responsible manner that encourages growth in productivity and sales; and
  7. maintain discipline in operational activities and follow legal and standard protocols in book

More specifically, XU Press also pursues the following in its operations:

  1. facilitate publication support for research, academic and social outreach work; and packaging of knowledge products and services for the university’s wider engagement;
  2. increase visibility of scholarly works of Mindanaoan and Xavier University writers through various media;
  3. provide assistance to faculty publication particularly in internationally peer-reviewed journals;
  4. extend publishing services to other clusters of the university (e.g. Basic Education, CIT); and
  5. nurture linkage with publishers, and private and public organizations that have affinity to scholarly publications.