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The stories are master studies on how minute details in history,
archaeology, and language can be used as portals to a distant
time but with values and relations—personal and social—that
are so recognizable and which we hold dear even in the present.
Handled with deep sensitivity to language and careful attention to
family, friendship, art, self, and community, Balangay invites us
to a journey in Masawa, pre-colonial Butuan, with the balangay as
a central and mighty image that speaks of the glory and
sophistication of a people.




Balangay Stories

Children’s Literature
by Maria Elena Paulma
Copyright 2023
127 mm x 178 mm
116 pages
Price: Php 335.00

07252023.Islamic Law Dictionary


This is a reference source of Arabic and English legal terms that
are mostly encountered in the study of Islamic Law and Local
Adat in the Philippines. Compiled by Haron Pangcoga, an expert
in Islamic Arabic studies and Sharia-Philippines studies, this
reference source is drawn from various competent sources.







Islamic Law Dictionary with Appendices

Academic/Reference Text
by Haron A Pangcoga
Copyright 2022
148 mm x 210 mm
190 pages
Price: Php 500.00

07252023.Coming Home


In fifty poems, Arlene Yandug weaves strands of past and present,
space and time, as she shows how the self is grasped in the larger
narrative of Mindanao, her home island. Speculating not just on
personal history, but also on the island’s distant past, the poet
magnifies for the reader details that re-present the invisible, remote
layers of the self.






Coming Home to the Island

by Arlene J Yandug
Copyright 2022
142 mm x 210 mm
130 pages
Price: Php 390.00

tinubdan pps

This new literary collection features 20 writers, mostly emerging
voices from the northern Mindanao area.   Prefaced with an essay
on the ‘region’ as a critical concept in viewing contemporary
Philippine literature, it is a helpful resource for courses related to
writings from the regions, contemporary literature in the
Philippines, Philippine literary criticism and creative writing.
Funded by CHED, this project was undertaken by Xavier’s DELL
(Department of English Language and Literature) as Center of
Development for Literature.






Tinubdan:  New Voices from Northern Mindanao

Literary Anthology
Edited by Arlene Yandug, Ma Elena Paulma, and Lilia Cotejar
Copyright 2021
ISBN 978-971-9094-29-6
210 mm x 140 mm
258 pages
Price: Php 310.00


This combines ethno-historical research on Camiguin island with
fictional elements.  Evoking the lush natural environment and
cultural atmosphere of the island, the book delves into the
island’s past, beginning with the lives of early Manobo
inhabitants.  The second part tells how the Christian missionary
center was established by the Augustinian Recollects, then
followed by an account on Camiguin’s legendary warrior and
healer, Datu Mehong.  The last part of the book recounts the
infamous volcanic eruption in 1871.






The Untold Stories of Camiguin Island

by Andrés Narros Lluch
Copyright 2020
ISBN 978-971-9094-30-2
213 mm x 138 mm
134 pages
Php 380.00

songs sprung from native soils

The book provides a critical framework with which to view
Mindanaoan literature. By way of interview, it presents the
writers’ personal backgrounds, their influences and creative
processes. The rich information in these conversations
complements the introduction which critiques the unbalanced
cultural and literary development in the Philippines in the light of
the center-region discourse.    The writers interviewed are:
Leoncio Deriada, Noralyn Mustafa, Jaime An Lim, Christine
Godinez-Ortega, Calbi Asain, Lia Lopez-Chua, Telesforo Sungkit Jr,
and Almayrah Tiburon.





Songs Sprung from Native Soils

by Ricardo de Ungria
Copyright 2019
ISBN 978-971-0094-31-9
228 mm x 153 mm    
371 pages
Price: Php 550.00