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songs sprung from native soils

The book provides a critical framework with which to view
Mindanaoan literature. By way of interview, it presents the
writers’ personal backgrounds, their influences and creative
processes. The rich information in these conversations
complements the introduction which critiques the unbalanced
cultural and literary development in the Philippines in the light of
the center-region discourse.    The writers interviewed are:
Leoncio Deriada, Noralyn Mustafa, Jaime An Lim, Christine
Godinez-Ortega, Calbi Asain, Lia Lopez-Chua, Telesforo Sungkit Jr,
and Almayrah Tiburon.





Songs Sprung from Native Soils

by Ricardo de Ungria
Copyright 2019
ISBN 978-971-0094-31-9
228 mm x 153 mm    
371 pages
Price: Php 550.00