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“Ton Daposala takes us through what seems like a macho journey
in quest of sexual conquest amid the grossness, banality, and
fakery of a Filipino suburbia.  The object of the quest, figured as
female, as in many cases perverse, wayward, fleeting, even non-
existent except in the fevered brain of the seeker.  His muse, if it
does exist, is so trapped in the ordinary that the quest ends
without fulfillment.  In the images of sexual congress, whether
consummated or denied, the poems create a totality, a sort of
mythopoeia in suburbia, a declaration of ars poetica, complex,
painful, sardonic, but supple and confident in its youthfulness and
virility.  Daposala’s poetry asserts the relentless human drive to
pursue meaning and beauty despite the staleness and triteness of
daily life.  And spoken in the mother tongue.” (Blurb)     --- Merlie Alunan  




ni Ton Daposala
Copyright 2018
ISBN 978-971-9094-23-4
150 mm x 212 mm
110 pages
Prices: Php 275.00