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hate eating birds

“What we often overlook is the connection between poetry and
pain.  This is because essentially a poem is a song, which connotes
joy and celebration.  But there likewise are sad songs.  They,
however, no matter how deep the hurt is within them, because
they must needs go through a process of artistic justification,
comes out in the end as victorious.  In its being expressed in a
measured, well-thought-out way, the pain is distanced from the
singer or poet and in the end transmuted into wisdom.  This we
find in poem after poem in Denver Torres’ collection.” (Blurb)

--- Simeon Dumdum





hate-eating birds

by Denver Ejem Torres
Copyright 2018
ISBN 978-971-9094-25-8
148 mm x 211 mm
77 pages
Price: Php 250.00