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(Announcement:  Due to economic constraints brought about by the covid pandemic, XU Press does not  yet accept manuscripts in the meantime. ) 

XU Press accepts scholarly and literary works on themes related to Mindanaoan life, history, culture, literature and arts. Manuscripts submitted must follow the following guidelines:

  1. Manuscripts must be submitted in soft file (CD or USB) and printed in two hard copies (loose-leafed bond paper), in the following format: 
    • Use American English spelling.
    • Word document file; double space, 12 points Times New Roman. 
    • Properly paginated; page 1 starts on the first main text.
    • All photographs, illustrations, figures, and tables must be properly documented.
    • Permissions for material not the author's own are the author's responsibility. Forms for request of permission may be obtained from the Press.
    • Permissions for use granted by copyright holder (of images, etc.) should be submitted along with the manuscript.
  1. Include an abstract or synopsis, and an idea of the work’s target market.