XUKontraCOVID19 3

In partnership with UNILAB and the Maria Reyna Xavier University Hospital, Xavier Ateneo worked to set up a Reverse Transcription — Polymerase Chain Reaction (RT-PCR) Laboratory. The RT-PCR is the gold standard for COVID-19 testing.

Blessed and inaugurated last May 30, the modular laboratory transformed shipping container vans into multi-room laboratory suites which met the international guidance for biosafety level 2 (BSL2) and certified by the DOH for clinical testing of human specimens.

The laboratory follows a 6-person shift of BSL2-trained Medical Technicians who have also gone through training in PCR-based Testing. The total throughput of each 8-hour shift is about 100-150 tests, yielding an estimate of 300-450 tests at full capacity of 3 shifts.

Under the #XUKontraCOVID19, an appeal for donations was made to raise the start-up operating capital needed by MRXUH to set up the lab and cover the operating expenses for the first few months. As of June 18, the donations had reached Php 3,640,450.