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XU Confederated Parent-Faculty Association (XUCPFA) is a highly institutionalized body composed of parents and faculty members of the University. Its purpose is to promote and protect the interests of the faculty and students and constitute a harmonious University environment.


1. Programs and Services

a) Scholarship Program. In consonance with Xavier University’s social commitment, XUCPFA selects and grants scholarships and financial assistance to young, poor and deserving high school graduates in Region X. The scholarships are inclusive of full tuition and matriculation per semester including summer term (given that the subjects taken during the summer are regular subjects and not back subjects), book allowance, cash allowance and meal allowance. This program covers the courses under the College/ School of Agriculture, Engineering, Nursing, Education, Business and Management and Medicine. It also includes programs under the Center for Integrated Technologies including On-the-Job Training (OJT).

b) Student Loan Fund. This program provides financial assistance to students who cannot meet the scheduled payment of tuition. The maximum loanable amount is Php 2,000.00 applicable only for prelims and mid- term exams. Application is processed at XUCPFA Office.

c) Outreach. In line with Xavier University’s Community Extension Program, XUCPFA conducts outreach activities to touch those who are in need of hope and encouragement and at the same time address their physical needs.

d) Student Development Fund. The program looks into the development and enhancement of potentials of bona fide college students through participation in extra-curricular activities. Financial assistance is provided to any requesting extra-curricular organization through CSG, subject to availability of funds.

e) Student Security Assistance. The security of students on campus and the immediate premises is one of the concerns of XUCPFA. In line with the University Security Program, XUCPFA has designed a program coordinating and collaborating with the University for security measures affecting students and the entire XU community.

f) Parents and Faculty Development Fund. The “Athena Award” Most Outstanding Faculty Award is a fitting tribute to all college faculty members of XU, who demonstrate commitment to teaching as a scholarly endeavour and show dedication in the advancement of the University’s vision and mission of forming “men and women for others.”

g) Talks, symposium for parents, faculty and students  


2. Insurance Claims

As a member of the XU College Tripartite Consultative Body, XUCPFA is tasked to facilitate prompt processing of insurance claims in close coordination with the Central Government and the XU Administration. Hereunder are the coverage and indemnities for school year 2016-2017.

Benefits Per Enrolee Coverage Amount

a) Accidental Death & Disablement Php 100,000.00

b) Unprovoked Murder & Assault 100,000.00

c) Accidental Medical Reimbursement - 15,000.00

d) Burial Assistance for Death due to Accident or Illness - 10,000.00

e) Daily Hospital Cash Allowance, Accident confinement,

f) Maximum 30 Days/SY - 300.00/Day

g) Daily Hospital Cash Allowance, Illness confinement,

h) Maximum 30 Days/SY - 300.00/Day

i) Ambulance Service Benefit - 1,000.00

j) Fire Assistance Benefit - 7,000.00