X85+: Weaving The Xavier Ateneo Story

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X85+: Weaving The Xavier Ateneo Story

It all started with a dream 85 years ago. The dream remains an open book up to today, packed
with characters, plot twists, arcs, settings, and lessons. From its modest beginning in 1933 to
becoming a leading ASEAN university, the story of Xavier University – Ateneo de Cagayan
proves to be as enduring as it takes on the greater heights.


Gratitude makes us accept the lessons of our past, brings joy to our present, and forms a vision
for the future. Gratitude has become a formidable force and catalyst for happiness in the
narratives of every Xavier Atenean. Gratitude is the completion of thankfulness after surpassing
the academic rigors, rising from our shortcomings, serving others with a genuine heart, and
learning from our experiences. The university has taught us to reflect upon the blessings we
have received and worked hard for. At times, in its storied 85 years, Xavier Ateneo’s light has
been tested, but it has never gone out. The university has become our common home, chapter
after chapter, and in this story, Xavier Ateneo has shown us the power of generosity to break
barriers and establish unity amid differences, and the power of faith to transcend ourselves
during junctures of doubts. Gratitude is the center of life celebrations.


Love serves as the foundation of our dream — our love for knowledge, for wisdom, for service,
for diversity, and the love that continues to inspire us. Many love stories were created under the
wings of Xavier Ateneo. These love stories have built families; brought about change for the
best of the communities, particularly those in the peripheries; and enkindled our spirits to strive
for magis — of doing every undertaking with depth and purpose. We celebrate the love that
keeps us passionate to serve, to connect, and the love that keeps us strong and inspired
through storms and wars. Xavier Ateneo stands through all these years in the name of love.


The Xavier Ateneo Story is intricately connected with the progress of Cagayan de Oro City and
the greater society. The university’s vast resources of expertise have helped shaped the destiny
of the City of Golden Friendship. CDO and XU have grown side by side for over many decades
now. XU’s alumni continue to lead in different fields and contribute to sustainable
development. Xavier Ateneo is a “project of social transformation” in line with this year’s theme
of the International Association of Jesuit Universities (IAJU). As a precursor of social
transformation, we “seek wisdom and aim at universal citizenship.” We participate in rendering
quality education, forming civic and servant leaders, advancing an integrated economic and
environmental justice approach, and promoting interfaith and intercultural dialogue to build
peace and prosperity.

* * *

Xavier University – Ateneo de Cagayan invites us all to revel in the biggest and longest festival
in Cagayan de Oro City to celebrate gratitude, service, and hope — weaved together as THE
XAVIER ATENEO STORY. Experience Gratitude. Experience Service. Experience Hope.
Experience XU Festival Days!