XUKontraCOVID19 3

The global threat of COVID 19 has disrupted normalcy in the different sectors of society. The pandemic has not only infected millions globally but has also posed a developmental challenge among nations including the Philippines. 

Xavier Ateneo is committed in supporting the country’s movement against the COVID 19 Pandemic. It has launched the #XUKontraCOVID19 Response to streamline the University’s efforts in helping address the ongoing crisis through the initiatives of various offices, departments and colleges. 

This page contains information, updates and announcements on the current engagements of the #XUKontraCOVID19 Response as well as important developments on the COVID 19 Pandemic.

Community Guidance

President’s Memoranda on the #XUKontraCOVID19 Response as well as information, updates and announcements from the Office of the President on Xavier Ateneo’s Institutional Engagements relevant to the COVID 19 Pandemic

News and Info graphics

Updates on the initiatives and engagements of the offices, departments and colleges to address the ongoing crisis as well as Info graphics to extend reliable information on the COVID 19 Pandemic

Local and National Laws

Information and salient points of current local and national laws on the COVID 19 pandemic as well as guidelines of the ongoing Community Quarantine in city and the Enhanced Community Quarantine in the country 

#XUKontraCOVID19 Bulletins and Briefer

Data and trends on the COVID 19 cases as well as researches and projections of the pandemic