The McKeough Marine Center is the research and social development arm in the field of Marine Science.

It also conducts research studies on ecosystems adjacent to the bay and social outreach to the upland, river and coastal communities.


Sustainable management of coastal and marine resources in Northern Mindanao.


Dedicated to the sustainable development of the coastal community and environment, the McKeough Marine Center will be a center of excellence for Marine Science research in Northern Mindanao.

Brief History

In the 1960s, Fr. James McKeough SJ established the Marine Biology Center to pave the way for Marine Science research in Northern Mindanao. A series of studies were conducted in Macajalar Bay from the 1960s to the 80’s. After episodic hiatuses due to scarcity of funds, it was re-established on July 2006 and was named as the McKeough Marine Center by former XU President Fr. Jose Ramon T. Villarin SJ, in honor of the person who started Marine Science research in Mindanao.

Research Thrusts

  • Work on scientific and environmental problems related to coastal resources in the region
  • Develop sound and lasting resource management policies
  • Develop information and education campaign strategies
  • Assist the University in formulating and implementing community-based development strategies