Over the years, communities along the coastline of Macajalar Bay have been facing significant challenges in relation to the scarcity of marine resources, which are the primary source of food and livelihood among coastal inhabitants, especially the fisherfolks. Conservation initiatives are fostered extensively which is very important for the sustainability of our marine resources for future generations. However, advocating for the protection and conservation of our marine resources has been a constant challenge.        


As the MMC continues to fulfill its mission-vision, initiatives were regularly conducted through the IEC campaign to the community in general and the training programs like the NSTP and other related activities for our XU students. Awareness building among our younger generations on the conservation of marine resources has proven effective and thus provides a good chance of success towards protection and management of the marine environment and its resources.

Timely action is very important since our marine ecosystem is saddled with more and more threats. Global warming and the prevalent anthropogenic activities along the coastline and even in the hinterlands hasten the destruction of our marine environment.  


Goals and Objectives

The Marine Camp will provide the campers basic knowledge on marine ecology and marine biodiversity. It will also expose the campers to some environmental issues and existing local management initiatives and to hopefully animate in them a pro-environmental behavior. Consequently, this will lead them to find ways to engage in concrete actions. Ultimately, the camping experience will inspire them to consider a course in marine biology when they enter college.


The campers will have a 5-day activity, specifically designed in a fun-filled fashion to introduce the importance of marine ecosystem, its threats and challenges, and opportunities to address them. It will also have other related activities that will touch the spiritual aspect of the activity, promote camaraderie, and enhance a common sense responsibility for the environment.   

Expected Results

At the end of the activity, it is hoped that the participants will acquire new understanding and perspective about marine ecosystem, become environmentally conscious in their day to day living, and seriously consider a marine biology course in college. It is expected that they come up with an environmental project after the camping as an output for their school or local community

Innovation: How different it is from other or earlier projects?

Marine science camp is an enhanced ISDA-NSTP activity that is mainly a 5-day outdoor activity involving overnight stays in a coastal site where the natural environs and the facilities are present. Various activities under specific themes are provided for the campers. The program contents (themes) are also varied but with a distinct flow based on the Ignatian pedagogical approach.

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